Online Application

On the STUDENT RESOURCE LINKS webpage, find the Graduation channel and click on ‘Application for Program Completion.’

  1. On the first screen, select the current term. Your completion term will be chosen later.
  2. On the Curriculum Confirmation page, make sure the correct program is listed.
  3. On the Completion Term page, select the term in which you will complete your program requirements.
    Please note: Your completion term is not always the same term as the Commencement Ceremony:

    • Select the December date if completing program requirements in fall term (September – December)
    • Select the May date if completing program requirements in spring term (January – May)
    • Select the August date if completing program requirements in summer term (June – August)
  4. Complete the remaining pages, review all of your information on the Application Summary page, and click Submit Request.

Follow Up

Undergraduate students (traditional/non-traditional) may be contacted by their Academic Advisor or the Registrar’s Office to submit a Student Education Plan (SEP) using the Degree Audit tool. To submit a plan, students must first go into their Degree Audit by clicking on the link in the Advising and Student Resources tab. Once in the Degree Audit, select the “Plans” tab. The plan will then need to be reviewed and approved by a student’s Academic Advisor and/or the Registrar’s Office. Please contact your advisor for instructions and details about submitting a SEP plan. If a plan is not submitted, a registration hold may be placed on your account.

Graduate students do not need to submit a SEP plan.


Additional information about graduation and program completion can be found on the Graduation FAQs page.